Syndication / Group Investing

Much like “crowd-funding,” real estate syndication investing is a means for investors to pool their money together to purchase real estate properties, with each investor owning a percentage of the shares in the property.  Steve Fithian has put numerous syndication partnerships together over the course of his 30+ years in real estate.

Because the Texas market is booming, it’s becoming more of a challenge for investors to individually find quality investments. As a result, syndication investing is becoming popular because it:

  • Enables an investor to participate in larger and higher-quality investments that they wouldn’t be able to participate in on their own
  • Allows an investor to invest in a real estate property without having to finance the entire investment or worry about the management of the property
  • Utilizes the syndicator’s ability to find the best products at the best value
  • Utilizes the syndicator’s ability to get the best loans
  • Reduces the investor’s risk
  • Distributes the investment risk

For More Information:

Steve Fithian portraitSteve Fithian serves as Senior Advisor and Managing Director for SVN | Trinity Advisors. With over 30 years of commercial real estate experience, Fithian specializes in selling and overseeing investment property sales that include multifamily, mini-warehouse, office, retail, undeveloped land and finished lots. He also organizes, manages, and acts as the general partner in syndication partnerships.

Steve Fithian, CCIM, CPM, SEC